Surprise Newcomers Sweep 2008 Oscars

Hollywood, CA (O! Online) – Hollywood was stunned tonight as the Oscars were swept by a number of first-timers in a new class of high budget electoral films which has emerged this year. In the highly anticipated ceremony which represents the first major production for writers returning from an extended Guild strike, tried and true Hollywood box office megastars seemed to be systematically rejected by the relative newcomers.

In one of the first major awards of the evening, Senator John McCain accepted the award for the best supporting male group for his and others’ roles in the darkly hypocritical, “No Country for Old Men”. McCain accepted the award for former Senator Fred Thompson, and former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani who were not in attendance. The movie, directed by the Coen brothers, describes the macinations of a sinister cabal of elderly white male politicians and their efforts to steal a presidential election.

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton received the nod for best supporting actress for her role in the end of political life drama “Away from Her”. Clinton plays an aging female politician who becomes increasingly possessed of delusions of grandeur, leading to frequent angry tirades and emotional lability. As she becomes more unhinged, she is driven closer and closer to the husband who has rediscovered his love for her.

In perhaps the most stunning upset of the evening, veteran actor George Clooney, who described himself as the “Hillary of the Oscars” was spurned in favor of Senator Barack Obama as best actor for his role in “There Will Be Blood”. Obama plays a young and determined Illinois politician who becomes increasingly isolated as he grows in power, and ever more insulated by the almost evangelical movement he himself has created.

Former Bush brain Karl Rove was the recipient of a special lifetime achievement award for stunt work and special effects, and for the influence that he continues to have on American political cinematography.