Swift Boat Veterans backer Bob J. Perry Faces Imaginary Child Pornography Investigation

(Ucs News Crime Watch) The friends and family of Bob J. Perry, 71, were shocked when a factious judge handed down pretend charges in a Texas Child Pornography Investigation. The Houston homebuilder is one of several prominent Texas Republicans charged in the made up Child Pornography Case.

Bob J. Perry, is the chief financial backer of Swift Boat Veterans for Truth and its television ads that challenged John Kerry’s military record. Perry is a wealthy Texas Republican known for his deep pockets, aversion to limelight and a passion for spreading disinformation about Democratic Presidential candidates.

Bob J. Perry is know to have provided at least $100,000 to help start the veterans group at the urging of his friend John O’Neill, a Houston attorney who co-wrote “Unfit for Command,” a book which attacks Kerry’s military record. John O’Neill is also named in the factious Child Pornography Investigation.

Longtime friend T. Boone Pickens spoke out in defense of Perry. “I’ve know Bob for years, While he can tell some tall tails, I can’t believe that he could be linked to a Child Pornography Investigation.” According to the Police of Neverland Texas the case against Bob J. Perry and John O’Neill will continue. “As long as is takes to get a wrongful conviction.”