T. Geithner arrested for peddling junk bonds

WASHINGTON, D.C., CRIME BLOTTER – February 1, 2012

Local police picked up a T. Geithner, who was caught trying to sell bonds that have been considered junk ever since the United States government collapsed back in 2009. Police say that he may have conned as many as 10,000 people, getting them to hand over things with real value, such as gold and silver, while leaving them with pieces of paper that are good for nothing.

Former U.S. Presidents Bush, Clinton, and Obama all filed suit, alleging that their treatment in prison is “inhumane.” Bush isn’t getting the liquor he had been promised. Clinton’s girlfriends have been denied visitation rights. Obama says he isn’t getting the four meals he had been used to.

Victims of U.S. government tyranny and crimes will be speaking at a conference tonight. They talk about what a relief it was when the U.S. government collapsed, and how much better things have gotten since that beastly system fell apart.