Tea Party Patriots Rebut Liberal Writer

For weeks now, I’ve been doing my best, in my own gentle way, to ridicule, lambaste, degrade and otherwise mock the crap out the people who ridiculously call themselves, the “Tea Party”. These ‘patriots’ have been blathering ever since Rush Limbaugh first came out and said he “wanted Barack Obama to fail”, warning the rest of America that Barack Hussein Obama is a ‘Communist/ Socialist/ Radical Muslim/ Baptist/ Fascist/ Foreign-Born/ Tool of the Big Corporations That His Policies Will Destroy/ And Oh, He’s Black Too, But This Isn’t About Race.

I’ve gotten comments back from them; I usually answer them- after all, anyone stupid enough to think this is a legitimate news website is someone you can have a good time with. But what I’m getting these days are weird enough that my wife’s worried about our safety.

No one has threatened me with death or violence personally, but some do teeter on the edge of promising violent rebellion. Now, if even a small percentage of what these semi-literate goons are writing were the result of reasoned thinking, it would still be fun to respond. After all, intelligent debate on an issue is a good thing. There was one thread in The Atlantic online last week about “Confederate History Month” where both sides remained mostly polite and respectful But this ain’t The Atlantic Magazine. No, this is the stuff I get:

“Obama must be running scared along with the dems in washington. The tea party movement are truly making headway in our glorious country. Obama wants us to thank him for tax reductions. What an arrogant fool he is. He doles out pennies and spends trillions. Does he really think we’re fools? He kicks friends in the rear and embraces our enemies. Clinton, comes out against the rage of the tea party. He’s got nothing to be proud of except his new interest in charity. As a womanizer and being impeached he’s not one to dictate to the tea party movement.”

(I jokingly answered this one by ‘critiquing it’ as if it were an English paper. This is the reply I got to that):

“To the hose bag critqueing grammer – you are a school teacher – on the fucking dole of the taxpayer and that’s all you got – well past the 5th grade no one gives a fuck aout your commentary on the gramatical and spelling errors – you ain’t as smart as your smug ass believes – go pray to dick cheney you fucking loser douche bag”

Imagine a world where being called a teacher is an insult…actually, I was a ‘D’ student who quit college to pursue an education. Here’s another:

“you really all don’t get it….. do you? you really don’t grasp that the anger that is festering within this country is almost to the boiling point….. you also don’t get that when the congress is flipped and conservatives are in the majority…then in 2012 the presidency matches this new majority that the country will be in total turmoil because the knee jerk reaction will be to quickly implement the Cato Institute’s economic plan in the same ‘blitzkrieg’ fashion that this socialism has been stuffed in our face. This transition will be the coup-de-gras with regards to eliminating the ‘entitlements’ that are not entitled at all….. removed the dept of ed….. water down the union authority and scope of coverage (ie, eliminate them from the public sector) and then watch the cities light on fire…
this is not a threat but rather an assessment of history and how it will repeat itself in this nation….. “

As I recall, the only time United States cities were burned the British did it- Kingston, NY in 1777 and Washington DC in 1814. During the Civil War Sherman burned a bunch of rebel cities (but they technically weren’t American at the time).Maybe the guy was referring to the race riots in the 1960’s & 1992. Moving on:

“My fellow tea-ple ( this identifies the poster as a fan of Michael Wiener of AM’s “Savage Nation”. Dr. Wiener presumably changed his name to Savage because people might feel silly being a part of the ‘Wiener Nation’) are the only ones who get it! The muslims are taking over and the whites are paying with their jobs and taxes. Bush was a savior, he gave us the needed breaks. We are the minority now and must take our country back. We dont fight big words with big words but with action. the “original” american will rise again!”
Hmm. Must be an American Indian. So far, the ‘sanest’ one was this:

“You know Chuck, you will probably never get it. You and all your liberal friends are such brainwashed FOOLS and the problem is you will mess up this great country for all the rest of us.”

I’m not sure who, “the rest of us” includes, but I’m pretty sure it’s not Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Pakistanis or Indians or any of the new immigrants. Now, all of the comments have one binding thread…the writer’s are stupid and only semi-literate, except this last one that’s just weird.

No matter what I wrote, I knew I would never convince a single Tea Bag they were wrong…I wrote because you’ve got to pick a side, then stand up for it. Anyway, aside from the White Supremacists who’ve latched on to the party, the TP’s seemed pretty harmless, just a bunch of overweight and greedy pasty assed closet racists who
don’t want a mixed race President raising their taxes. That is, until I read, “The Tea Party’s Toxic Take on History-Ignore it at your peril” by Slate’s Ron Rosenbaum : http://www.slate.com/id/2251669/. That really got me.

I got mad when I thought about all my family members who fought in WWII against the true Fascist, Nazi and Japanese Imperialist empires. Calling Obama any one of these things insults the memory of and sacrifices these men and the millions of others who’ve fought our wars over the last 235 years or so have made. All told, the Nazis killed more than ten million people, but Obama’s a Nazi because he wants to make you buy healthcare. The Communists under Stalin killed millions more, but Obama’s a Commie if you pay some extra taxes. The Japanese killed untold Asians, not to mention al the Allied POWs and soldiers, but Obama’s worse- he may regulate the banking industry.

Mr. Rosenbaum’s got it right- the Tea Party is filled with people who have no concept of the things they’re talking about or the accusations they’re making. Even their name makes no sense in relation to their supposed grievances.

As he says, right now it can go either way, the TP’s may fade away like mood rings or we can become Germany in the 1930’s. Limbaugh, Palin, Beck and Wiener are making millions of dollars inciting hatred with distortions and outright lies, which makes this website more honest than them…at least we admit right up front we’re usually making it all up. I just wish this time I was.