Teabagger Mike Vanderboegh Admits "I'm Paid to Eat by US Government"

(Alabama) Ucs News: Sipsey Street Irregular Mike Vanderboegh admits to fellow revolutionaries that he receives regular payments from the US government. In a posting on his blog www.sipseystreetirregulars.blogspot.com, Vanderboegh explained that he uses the money, provided to him by the hard working US tax payers, to buy food and fund his efforts to destabilize the US government. The same government that sends him the Social Security payments.

In an emotional posting Vanderboegh admitted the bizarre hypocrisy of the situation. “It’s crazy for me to promote the violent over-throw of the Obama Administration. I’m actually biting the hand that feeds me.” The recalcitrant Teabagger stated.

Vanderboegh has also seen the irony, “I know that my actions have caused the government to spend even more money to defend American citizens from the violence I’m promoting. Not just iconic it is actually sick.” the former Alabama “militiaman” stated.

Hey Mike, I have a brick ready for your front window.