Tearful Barack Obama admits- "John McCain's Attack ads are all true"

(Washington D.C.) Ucs News- Barack Obama stunned the Washington press core today by admitting the McCain smear campaign is “closer to the truth”. Obama was fielding questions following a campaign rally when Ucs News reporter Gunther Schnitzel demanded to know know how the Obama campaign would fight back against the sleazy GOP tactics employed by Arizonia Senator John McCain.

The Illinois Senator hesitated with downcast eyes them tearfully admitted that The McCain Campaign has indeed cut to the truth about Obama’s radical moslem blackgound, his secret agendas and crippling celebrity god complex. “Well folks the GOP slime machine has finally changed, after years of telling lies and casting a complex web of deception the Republicans are now actually telling the truth.” said Obama.

Randy Right a well known critic of both McCcain and Obama responded to the events. “I can see that John McCain has finally come full circle back into the Republican fold.” According to Randy Right, McCain has finally “Taken to heart the lessons learned during the 2000 Presidential elections against George W, Bush.”

In the year 2000, the then Texas Governor George W. Bush mounted a sleaze campaign against McCain during the North Carolina Republican Primary. In the weeks leading up to the vote McCain watched is hard fought lead disappear as the GOP establishment operatives mounted a negative “whisper” campaign against the so call “Maverick” from Arizona.

Now in 2008 the Whispers have become an all out slime attack. Thanks John for your uplifting contribution to the political discourse of our nation.