Ten Questions Every Good Conservative And Tea Party Member Must Now Ask Themselves. (By Wegman Wa…

( Wegman (Pudgy) Waterhouse, is a former Unnamed Source for the Bush Administration and a guest columnist. We thank him for his insights and contribution.)

Despite the fight, Obama-care now exists. Now, in addition to owning America’s automobile industry and the banks, this administration now will control whether you live or die, what medications and treatments you’ll receive, what Indian or Pakistani doctor will administer them, what you’ll pay for them and how much they’re going to fine you if you try to opt out. Barack Hussein Obama’s Socialist takeover of America is proceeding according to plan. The Republicans in the Congress and Senate did nothing to stop it, aside from paying lip service to their Tea Party constituents. This particular battle has been lost…or has it? Is there something else we can do? The question is, now that Obama and his Socialism is here, how can we fight it? Here are ten simple questions that every member of the Movement must ask themselves- the answers will help determine our next course of action:

1) If your elected representative is a Republican (after all, there’s no point in blaming the Democrat’s- we knew what they were going to do. We just have to get them out, even the so-called Conservative ones…there’s no such thing as a Conservative Democrat.), did he or she do enough to fight Obama-care, aside from just not voting it? If the answer is no (and it obviously is), then we have to find a truly patriotic candidate to run against them in the primary, someone who really represents the values of the Movement. And we must donate as much money and time as we can to them, even if it means doing without some Necessities for our families. This is far more important than some new cell phones, clothes or shoes for our children.

2) Some states allow you to register as a Conservative, rather than a Republican or even Independent. Isn’t it time to leave the GOP and form a completely new Party, one that represents our true beliefs? After all, just naming a Tea Party candidate to challenge a Republican incumbent in a primary is very likely to fail in most districts… they’re too entrenched, have taken too much money from big business and have become too comfortable in their jobs to really rock the boat. Isn’t it time for a real change?

3) Isn’t it also time to move on from simple rallies and protests? After all, back in the Sixties, rallies and protests against the government and the Vietnam War didn’t stop Richard Nixon from being re-elected, or Bill Clinton in the Nineties either. Isn’t it time to try something stronger? After all, if the Liberal Left Wing Democrats or Moderate Republicans decide it’s not worth running, that it’s too dangerous (I’m not advocating actiual violence- let me be clear on this. Still, if they think they’re in danger, that’s good enough), then they can’t be re-elected.

4) Our children are our greatest asset in this fight; they represent the future of this country. But sending them to public schools only exposes them to Liberal ideals at an age where they’re susceptible to being brainwashed by the government controlled education system. Shouldn’t we get them out of there and home-school them, instilling in them the true values of America? Religion and learning about the Second Amendment are far more important than learning about evolution and “civil rights”.

5) All these so called “social” programs- Medicaid, Medicare, even Social Security and now Obama-care are actually government run Socialist programs designed to let the government control your own medical needs and decisions. Shouldn’t we “opt out” of them…not cash our Social Security checks, refuse to enroll in Medicare when we turn sixty five, not apply for food stamps or mortgage restructuring should it become available through job loss, our reaching retirement age, etc.? The Tea Party is first and foremost a moral Movement, even more than a political one. The majority of us believe that abortion is a sin and we respect the sanctity of all life. Shouldn’t we refuse to participate in whatever cures are derived from stem cell research, volunteer to adopt the children of unmarried pregnant women who are considering abortion and not participate in any so-called Social(ist) program that already exists? It is, after all, our moral duty to stay true to tenants’ of the Movement.

6) The Tea Party believes in keeping America strong through a strong National Defense. Should’nt we either join the military ourselves (if we’re young enough) or encourage our children to do so? The enemy isn’t only at home and we must take the fight to them.

7) Another thing the Socialist Barack Hussein Obama has done recently, in his ongoing attempt to control the banking industry he’s a tool of, is take away from private lenders to right to issue college loans- it’s now a completely government run program. Wouldn’t it be a real poke in the eye as well as a wake up call to Liberals everywhere if we refused to take their money and instead paid for children’s college education ourselves?

8) Shouldn’t we also boycott “Liberal” companies, those that actually support Obama? Companies like Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, Google and Microsoft are so far to the Left that you can’t even find them with a telescope. Don’t use them. Boycott them completely. Al Gore was instrumental in opening the internet up to public use (it was originally designed for the military; they should control it). Don’t use it. Instead, listen to AM radio talk show hosts like Michael Savage and even Rush Limbaugh. That’s where you’ll get your true information anyway, and it’s all you need to know.

9) Isn’t it also wrong for a true Tea Party believer to take advantage of mortgages issued and backed by this Socialist government, quasi- government agencies like the FHA and HUD? If you can’t find an independent mortgage lender to give you a loan or pay cash for a new home, don’t buy the home.

10) And finally, if Obama-care somehow turns out, against all reason and predictions, to be a good thing, what will we call it then?