Tenet Calls Cheney "A Dirty Little Pig"

New York, NY (O!-Online) – Controversial former CIA director and presidential medal of freedom winner George Tenet made an appearance with Rosie O’Donnell on ABC’s The View on Friday in which he apologized to the American people for his performance and called Vice President Dick Cheney, “a dirty little pig”. Tenet was promoting his new autobiography called “At the Center of the Storm” which is due to be released on Monday.

Tenet was unapologetic for his condemnation of the vice president, and went on to describe president Bush as little better than “a trained monkey to the vice president’s organ grinding in selling of the war in Iraq to the American public”.

A sympathetic Rosie O’Donnell asked Tenet how he felt now about accepting the presidential medal of freedom from Bush in light of his publicized “slam dunk” comment in regards to intelligence leading up to the war.

“I plan on throwing my medal of freedom into the reflecting pool in front of the Lincoln Memorial if the American public ever organizes some type of large-scale Iraq war protest… if not, I’ll probably just keep it as a souvenir. As to the slam dunk comment, there are any number of witnesses that were present who can attest to the fact that what I actually said was that the administration’s prewar plans at that point smelled like, “a damned skunk”. I think Cheney knew exactly what I said. I kept my mouth shut… there’s a lawyer in Texas who can tell you exactly what happens to people that cross the vice president.”

Tenet went on to state that he planned to remain retired, and has entered counselling with pop celebrity psychologist Dr. Phil. Tenet said that he has decided to devote his remaining career as a volunteer to counsel other former CIA employees who had been afraid to speak up.