Texas Education Cuts lead to Massive Student Lay offs

(Austin, Texas) Ucs News: Long time Republican Texas Governor Rick Perry announced another round of severe budget cuts for the states already struggling school system. In a press conference held at a shuttered Dallas Grade School,
Governor Perry that the state would be laying off 500 teachers and 4500 students of grade school age.

Perry stated “It’s a tough decision I had to make. I was faced with business interests on one side and Texas children on the other…..Sorry Kids.

The teachers and kids immediately found themselves with pink slips in hand and nothing to do. The Texas Union of Grade School students, represented by 5 grader Alex McReedy stated. “These are tough cut for the students, the laid off students will likely suffer for years to come.”

The real tragedy is that many students have found themselves joining their parents at the unemployment office. For the first time in our nations history we have entire family mothers, fathers, sons and daughters all unemployed.

According to employment experts this is a terrible time for this group of unemployed children, “They will face a lifetime of chronic unemployment as the grow up with a substandard education.”