Text of Clinton Concession Speech Leaked

Unconfirmed source has received a draft text of the concession speech Hillary Clinton will deliver in the next few days. The draft of the speech was discovered on a copy machine in a West Virginia Kinko’s Copy Center. The hand written document is several pages long and contains marginal notes from two or three people other than the original writer. Handwriting analysis has confirmed that the original writer is Hillary Clinton herself.

“I couldn’t believe it.” Says Kinko’s employee Brent Garfield, who discovered the speech. “I was cleaning up after close and found the papers in one of the copiers. I was about to toss them when the words ‘Change You Can Believe In’ jumped off the page. I’m an Obama supporter after all. I then read the rest of it.”

Garfield then provided the documents to Unconfirmed Sources.

In the speech Clinton takes much time thanking her campaign staff and volunteers and then quips “I’m looking forward to voting for the next president of the United States…Barack Obama.”

She then spends the rest of the short speech complimenting Obama and his campaign staff and volunteers and finishes by vowing to campaign tirelessly for him in November.

Our analysts are confirming that Hillary Clinton will be conceding the nominating to Barack Obama in the next few days and will campaign for the nominee as a strong sign of party unity.

The Clinton campaign has denied that the speech exists and a spokesman said Hillary would continue the fight for the nomination ‘all the way to December if we have too…”