The Dead Kennedys Welcome new band member – Senator Ted Kennedy

(San Francisco, Ca) Ucs News : With the passing of Edward Kennedy the classic American Punk Band the The Dead Kennedys have welcomed their new band mate with open arms. The bands lead singer Jello Biafra said, in the bands first ever official press statement. “We love and respects Teddy Kennedys politics. We have been just waiting now he is a Dead Kennedy…so he is in the band.”

Music Critic Wayne Newton described the union of Teddy Kennedy and The Dead Kennedys as “An ideal final resting place for Teddy and a fantastic addition to the bands lineup” According to Newton, The Dead Kennedys are noted for the bitterness of their lyrics, which generally express a staunchly left-wing view of contemporary America.

Unlike other leftist punk bands who use more direct sloganeering, the Kennedys’ lyrics are often satirical and sarcastic, all the while retaining the deliberately shocking lyrics of punk. “Holiday in Cambodia” is a multi-layered satire targeting both the liberal elite and Cambodia’s then-current Khmer Rouge regime. Songs such as “Kill the Poor”, “California