The Edge to Split from U2?

New Orleans, LA (USA Tomorrow) – David Evans a.k.a. The Edge of the famous rock group U2, has begun following in the footsteps of the group’s controversial front man and lead singer Bono by branching out on his own for various relief efforts. The Edge recently made news by spearheading an effort in New Orleans to help fellow musicians who have been displaced by the flooding from hurricane Katrina. Bono just recently made yet another high-profile appearance at the White House to plead with President Bush for increasing America’s donations to world hunger relief. This cozying up to President Bush has reportedly led to some heated divisions in the band.

“Bono is kind of a one-off character in music. His skills as a communicator are amazing, and his powers of persuasion are equally amazing,” Evans said, smiling. “I would never think of trying to take advantage of that, but I’m concerned that that is exactly what’s happened. I mean, he’s appeared with the president now what, three or four times, and for what? Have the hungry got any more money? No. But at the same time, George Bush looks cool hanging out with Bono.”

The Edge refused to comment further about rumors of a possible split up of the group which were leaked by confidential White House sources. The anonymous sources stated that negotiations were underway to have the president team up with Bono and the rest of the band, if they were willing, to add their talents in promoting the president’s faltering domestic and international agendas. Plans are for the band to be renamed W-2 in an effort to resurrect the president’s mothballed tax reform initiatives. Work will also begin on a debut album entitled How to Accuse Your Enemy of Assembling an Atomic Bomb.

“Being in the country for the whole year, I almost feel like I’m sick to death of the US now, and the last band that I would want to see enable it is U2. If it comes down to it I think we should just do what the Beatles did, and just pack it in.”

Bassist Adam Clayton and drummer Larry Mullen, Jr. could not be reached for comment for this story but have apparently sided with The Edge.