The Fissiles of October

Hollywood (O! Online Movie Reviews) – Two radical extremist leaders from different religions. Set on a course of total destruction that could spell nuclear disaster. The world awaits breathlessly to see who blinks first. This is the plot of the new movie from Tantamount Pictures, a subsidiary of Bushco, Inc.

Scheduled to open later this summer in an Operational Theater near you, this movie is the story of a developing Islamic nation and its newly elected radical leader President Dinejanedy who cross paths with a global alliance of nuclear countries determined to keep nuclear technology from their hands.

The Aliance is headed by an equally fanatical Christian leader Bushchev who is determined to crush the world and spread his brand of Democrunism. Bushchev has formed an unholy alliance with the recently installed “president” Karztro. Together from Karztro’s isolated Democrunist island in the middle east they threaten the very existance of Dinejanedy’s Muslim home next door.

As diplomacy is rebuffed by Bushchev, and negotiations crumble, the world holds its breath and awaits nuclear death and destruction. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll duck and cover. Rated R, for really could happen. Advance Reviews:

“Wildly Speculative!” K. Rove, Washington Times

“No Comment.” Washington Post

“I’m going to sue.” S. Hersh, New Yorker