The GOP Health care Promise: 47 Million uninsured to remain uninsured

Fort-worth : Texas (Ucs News) Sen. John Cornyn (R- Texas), chairman of the GOP’s Senate campaign committee announced the Republicans healthcare plan today. According to Cornyn the GOP plan will guarantee that America’s uninsured will remain uninsured and insurance companies will remain profitably in-control of healthcare delivery.

“I promise Americans. If you have healthcare, you will continue to support insurance companies that can revoke your care anytime they please. And I promise those that don’t have insurance coverage…..nothing.” Stated Cornyn

According to Washington Policy analysts the GOP plan is easy to excute and will not cost tax payers a dime. “It’s very simple, elegant in fact.” said Ben Lyion of the American Progress institute. The thrust of the plan involves the president and congress sitting on their hands while Americans are denied coverage or bankrupted.

Cornyn has been touring Texas and meeting his constituents, his message “Sorry, I get paid to much by insurance companies to give a shit about you being sick.”