Like you, I’m upset and worried about the ever-increasing cost of gasoline. Unlike you, probably, I’m a retired investigative journalist, and instead of wringing my hands in horror and frustration, I’ve been prowling around to find out why gas is becoming more expensive by the day.
Here are some of my findings:

1.If you’re a bit old, you may remember the days when there was something called ‘ gas wars’… competition between gas stations which posted lower prices than others. Why now is every station in town selling gas at the SAME price? COLLUSION! All the companies; Shell, Exxon/Mobil, Texaco, etc. hold secret meetings and agree upon a pump price. Among stations, this may vary a penny or two to pretend there is competition. Price fixing was illegal under all previous administrations, but Bush, Cheney and their oily friends are getting richer and richer by encouraging this monopolistic practice.

2. The oil companies have deliberately not built new refineries for decades in order to create an artificial capacity shortage. Scarcity raises prices.

3. Back to the Bush gang> Pressure on the car makers to increase gas mileage? No. Taxing obscene guzzling SUV’s? No, but leave no national park sacred in the frantic, insatiable oil search. Dig for oil everywhere. Foul beaches with offshore rigs.

4. Modernizing and improving rail transportation as is being done in Europe and the Far East? No. Spend on roads! Bush likes that. More roads, more cars, more trips..and the Bush family gas investment profit soars.

5. Alternate energy sources? wind, geothermal, hydrogen, fuel cells, solar power? Nah! The oily types pretend that they are
‘researching’ these. Bull! They are sinking money into the utterly ridiculous production of ethanol. The corn farmers love the idea. The entire country will have to be one large cornfield to supply the demand. Also, heat is required for the distillation of ethanol. Where does the heat come from? fossil oil or gas! 110 btu’s of petroleum energy to make 105 btu’s of ethanol energy. A huge, obscene scam.

As long as we’re at the mercy of the Bush/Cheney oily types, don’t look for a solution; It’s only going to get worse as your hard earned dollars flow into the insatiable coffers of Big Oil and it’s profiteers.

The proposal of a ‘gasless day’ was stupid. What you didn’t put in your tank that day was necessary the next day.

How can we fight back? If you have any thoughts, remarks, or even a solution, to this rip-off, let’s hear from you below: