The Invisible President

I’ve had a lot of folks ask me things like, “How can you stand to even look at his face?”… or, “Don’t you get bored with just putting his head on somebody else?” or, “Don’t all these ad hominem attacks just bring us down?”… well, I guess I can sort of say yes to all of these questions.

I was ready to mount my usual early-morning pixel assault on the CHIMPOTUS today, when it finally just got to me… I just didn’t have the stomach to look at the smirking frat boy on vacation once again. I was a little bored and looking for a challenge, too… then it dawned on me that maybe I should just give people what they want… rework Dub into something a little more palatable for those who have such a visceral response.

I realize that Doonesbury already refers to him as just a floating asterisk in his brilliant concept. However, in my thoughts this morning, I can imagine someday later in life when I am old and America is once again safe from the corporate terrorism of this administration. At that point, I imagine that I would rather have this last six years completely redacted from history, no asterisk, no nothing.

I realize that there is that old saying about “those that don’t remember the past are condemned to repeat it”, but in my thinking, that’s a chance I’m willing to take. Many of us remember Nixon and Vietnam, and yet Bush and Iraq happened anyway.

Therefore, in order to push this concept a little bit, give myself a little more of a challenge, and perhaps preserve my own sanity, I’m going to concentrate on deleting George W. Bush from history.

My first few attempts may be a little crude, but I think it’s got real possibilities. If you think about it, this is probably the most accurate presentation of George W. Bush, highlighting a vacuum of leadership and brainless policies, both domestically and abroad. To carp off of the old fairy tale, “…the emperor is but clothes”.

So what do you think? I think it’s a pretty good makeover for him… I found myself sort of strangely at peace after completing these… I really could tolerate looking at him like this. If I were into video, it would be great to go ahead and wipe out his face and head, as well as his voice… just imagine a White House press conference, where the reporters are firing questions away at a headless, mute, president, who was relegated to standing and feverishly gesturing in silence… ironically, I think that’s exactly what happened, in effect, at his last one…

I hope these few images have bought a sense of peace to you as well, and I hope there aren’t any Republicans watching… I’d hate to give them any ideas about how to resurrect his poll ratings…