The Patriot Act, A Patriot Acts And Gets Sent Home, Bush Acts Patriotic and Gets Away With It…U…

Thank God, We’re All Safe Again:

The Patriot Act passed the Senate this week with only minor cosmetic changes that will make it seem more palatable to politicians hoping to impress voters back home, but will in reality do little to change the fact that every stroke I make on this computer is being monitored as I make them. Now I even have the NSA making editing suggestions now as soon as I finish a paragraph; some of those guys are pretty funny, I have to admit. But these new story suggestions they’ve been sending also illustrate the flaws in America’s security net. Guy’s, I wrote a piece about George W. Bush and the pantyhose in 2003…if you’d done the research you were supposed to, you’d have known that. But the Condoleezza Rice/ rubber band thing is priceless. I’ll get to it soon, and thanks.

Mean What You Say, Don’t Say What You Mean:

Jay Bennish, who has taught at Colorado’s Overland High School for five years, was placed on paid leave Wednesday by the Cherry Creek School District, after comments he made in his world geography class about George W. Bush were recorded by a student working as a sub-contractor for the NSA and distributed to a local conservative talk show host. While not actually comparing President Bush to Adolph Hitler (there are indeed major differences between the two men after all. A) After four and a half years in office Hitler’s poll numbers were much higher than George Bush’s are now, B) Hitler was actually quite successful in attacking and dominating other countries, at least at the beginning and C) for all his faults, no one is suggesting that George Bush has a problem with Jews