The Sarah Palin Show

Isn’t Sarah Palin sweet? Rather than talking about serious policy changes, she’s been running around trying to take our minds off the threat of the Second Great Depression. It’s like “Scrubs”, you’re laying in a hospital bed dying of cancer and Sarah is that relentlessly cheerful candy striper that bustles around the room telling jokes and dropping little tidbits of gossip about the doctors and staff, flashing you a perky smile, anything to avoid acknowledging how sick you are and how little the doctors can do to help you. It’s nice.

Rather than confusing the retirees in Florida with Democratic “West Wing” type facts and figures that she obviously believes are far beyond their understanding (or perhaps they’re just far beyond her own understanding), she’s telling them old jokes about the guy who was a Black Panther when Barak Obama was five or six years old. She paints a picture of little Barak strutting through the halls of his kindergarten, tiny fist raised, a tiny little size ‘Boys Small’ beret on his no doubt Afro’d head.

She doesn’t mention that during those same years- the 1970’s- her running mate, John McCain, was celebrating his release from a Vietnamese POW camp by screwing everything that moved in the very same state of Florida, while his crippled wife waited at home. That wouldn’t be funny, you see, and the purpose of the exercise is to make people laugh. It’s a lot like Don Rickles’ style of humor- untrue insults and innuendo. I like Don Rickles.

It’s in these types of venues that Sarah is in her element. As a former TV sportscaster, just give her a mike and a teleprompter and off she goes. Just don’t ask her any unscripted questions. That’s not her style. She said so in the debates- “…I may not answer the questions that either the moderator or you want to hear…”-and while that might make her a bit hard to pin down on the policy side of an issue, it does make for a fun time at old campaign rally.

She does it all with a smirk and a wink, Mrs. Every-mom. And if she comes across sometimes as one of those foils that get introduced every season or so on “Desperate Housewives” to be torn apart by the women of Wisteria Lane, don’t be fooled. She’ll make Felicity’s life hell before she’s gone. An even better analogy is the Betty White character on the old “Mary Tyler Moore Show”, the sweet lady who would back bite with a smile.

Like a good actor, she doesn’t talk about herself much, preferring to stay in character …she doesn’t try to explain the ethics investigation she’s facing in Alaska or what exactly happened when her sister’s ex-husband got fired. She doesn’t talk about the nuances of Middle East politics or the banking system either. There’s no good comic material there, I guess, and Sarah’s all about making them laugh.

So what kind of sit-com would the McCain White House be? The crotchety old grandpa, who constantly gets flummoxed by the perky granddaughter and her unemployed party-hearty husband, the grandkids sneaking out to get into all kinds of mischief and occasional but obligatory vacation episodes up to Alaska. It’s a ratings monster, well, some kind of monster.