Three Americans killed while filming Japanese Game Show

Tokyo (Japan) Ucs News: In a shocking tragedy 3 American contestants lost their lives in a spectacular accident while filming the popular Japanese game show “I survived a Japanese game show”. According to accident investigators “They didn’t”

David Lawrence, Blake Smith and Sandy Black were critically injured when a 40 foot tall scaffolding collapsed into a large pool of black jello and live turtles. The 3 suffered traumatic injures in the fall then were drowned while rescuers were hampered by the contestants dinosaur suits.

The show’s host, Rome Kanda suffered minor injuries when he was struck down by a 6 foot wave of black jello. Kanda is recovering in a Tokyo Hospital, while Toho studios is considering how to incorporate the footage of the accident into the series finale.

Toho Studios offered the families of the victims a sony 60 inch plasma screen tv, an all expense paid trip to Cancun mexico and $500 dollar Service Merchandise gift certificate.