Tillerson Hitchhikes Home to Save Funds

Tillerson Hitchhiking to Save Money.
Tillerson Hitchhiking to Save Money.

(Washington D.C.) Unconfirmed Sources reports that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has been spotted hitchhiking home from his latest trip overseas.  Due to budget cuts at the State Department, Tillerson could only fly to Los Angelas before running out of money.   The Secretary decided to hitch back to Washington to report on the progress of his  Asia trip.

“I spotted Secretary Tillerson on the side of the road East of LA on Route 10 just past Pomona,” says William Pitchfield, a long haul trucker.  “He looked pretty sad out there in his fancy suit, and backpack.  I was mightly glad I could help him get back east.  I took him as far as Oklahoma City, but that is as far as I could go. Sure wish I could have helped more, I’m a patriot, but I got a regular run.”

Pitchfield said that he and the Secretary spent many hours talking about the difficulties of starting a new job and working for a difficult boss.  Tillerson fretted about budget cuts and openly wondered if he would be able to keep his job.

Budget Cuts face Tillerson When he Gets Back To Washington

State Department budget cuts are causing much belt-tightening in Washington and posts overseas.  On one occasion during the latest trip, Tillerson and his staff decided to stay in the hotel, rather than go out to dinner with leaders of South Korea.  The sub caused a bit of confusion as each party told a different story surrounding the events.

There is still no sign of Tillerson at the State Department, but if gets a few more good rides he will be back ina few days.

The real story.


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