Tim Russert celebrated : Survival of Bill O'Reilly Mourned

(Washington) Ucs News — Tim Russert, who became one of America’s leading political journalists as the host of NBC’s “Meet the Press,” died Friday, the network said. He was 58. Friends and colleagues remembered Russert as a respected and influential journalist, but mourned the continued life of Bill O’Reilly.

The network said the award-winning journalist collapsed at work Friday. He was taken to Washington’s Sibley Memorial Hospital, where he died, the hospital confirmed. The doctors treating Russert stated “We sure wish it was Bill O’Reilly who died in our hospital.”

Colleague and former NBC anchor Tom Brokaw broke the news on the network Friday shortly after 3:40 p.m. According to Brokaw, Russert had just returned from a family vacation in Italy with his wife, journalist Maureen Orth, and son, Luke.

“He will be missed as he was loved — greatly and I just hope that Bill O’Reilly will be struck down in a similar fashion.” Brokaw said Friday.