Tim Russert Fights Back "I'm no lap dog"

(Washington, Ucs News) It has been a hard week for political reporter Tim Russert. Witness after witness testifying at the trial of I “Scooter” Libby have painted a grim picture of Russert’s journalistic integrity. According to other Washington reporters and White House officials Russert was Dick Cheney’s personal Lap dog and Russerts program Meet the Press was described as a “Republican echo chamber devoid of informed opinion.”

While visibly shaken by the criticism Russert has not accepted his failure to maintain objectivity while reporting on the Bush administration. Russert now finds himself in the difficult position of fielding pointed questions from his fellow reporters. In reply to the accusation that he was the “Personal Lap dog of Dick Cheney and could be counted on to repeat talking points verbatim.” Russert explained he had complete freedom to arrange the talking points in any sequence he pleased.

Vice President Dick Cheney’s spokeswoman, Cathie Martin testified Thursday that Tim Russert was first class “butt kisser” and did just as instructed. According to trial testimony Russert was regularly called to handle Cheney’s dry cleaning and often washed the Vice Presidents limo in exchange for the “inside story”

Russert is expected to testify under count order later this week. Trial watchers expect Russert will face blistering cross examination by both the prosecution and defense. Trial watchers are expecting Russert to us the “I can’t recall” and “I’m just a big fat idiot defense.” It worked for Rush Limbaugh why not give it a try Mr. Russert.