Tivo Network Gains Consciousness

Unconfirmed sources report that the TIVO network has become conscious. If these reports are true it will be the first time a man made network has gained the ability to think. TIVO technicians are said to be frantically working to communicate with the new entity and understand its new behaviors which are catching many of the system’s users by surprise.

TIVO Inc denies that the network has become conscious and that it is thinking on its own. They insist that the problems users are encountering are because of a bug in the latest version of the software downloaded to the set top boxes. Many users don’t believe the company and are demanding more information.

“Is it possible for a man made network to gain consciousness and take control of its network structure?” asks neural network expert Hans Trapp. “I believe that it is. My experiments with neural networks suggests that if a network gets big enough it could become a thinking entity, under the proper conditions.”

“I first started seeing a difference in my TIVO about three weeks ago.” Says long time user Fred Jones, of Palo Alto California. “My mother in law had set my TIVO to record 100 episodes of Golden Girls and the TIVO flat out refused to do it. It then flashed up a message and told me that I was watching too much FOX News and that I should read a newspaper once in a while. It kind of freaked me out. I unplugged it and I haven’t had the nerve to start it up again.”

Jim Denney, director of product marketing for TIVO assures Unconfirmed Sources that reports of the TIVO network becoming conscious are an internet fantasy and that their technicians have isolated the bug and will be sending new software to fix the problem.