Tom Delay Arrest Photos go up for Sale

Washington (Claw News Service) – Lawyers for Tom Delay scrambled yesterday in negotiations with Texas authorities in an attempt to have Mr. Delay avoid the indignity of public arrest and handcuffing. Mr. Delay has been charged with conspiracy in violating Texas political fundraising laws. Their claim is that Mr. Delay feels the institution of the House of Representatives and his leadership role has suffered enough at the hands of politically instigated scandal.

In a surprise reversal, today, Mr. Delay’s team announced that posed pictures of his arrest will be offered up for sale to anyone interested. Proceeds will go towards his expanding legal defense fund. They stated that the true pictures of the arrest, if this occurs, will be kept secret, and possibly offered later, depending upon how sales of this first offering go.

The initial photos will include the following:

Prints reportedly will be selling for $19.95 plus shipping and handling. For an extra $200 they will be autographed.