Tom Delay Leaves Congress to Run For Presidency in 2008

Unconfirmed sources report that Tom Delay, 11 term Congressmen from Texas, has declared his intention to run for the presidencey in 2008. In what is being called a mark of his seriousness he is giving up his seat in the House of Representatives to spend all his energies on his presidential run. Delay has denied allegations that his leaving the Congress is related to his ongoing legal troubles.

Delay gave a press conference at his Sugarland Texas ranch to announce his plans.

“I’m going to be the next president and it will take all of my energies to do it. To be fair to the people of Sugarland I am leaving the Congress. It just wouldn’t be right for me to ignore the needs of my people while I run. Another man will take care of you, while I move on to a higher calling.”

His announcement has been greeted with relief and satisfaction by fellow Republicans and has been a real source of consternation to Democratic lawmakers.

“This is terrific.” Says White House strategist Karl Rove. “Tom is our kind of guy. He has been a great friend and ally to the President and will be the perfect man to carry on George W. Bush’s legacey. I’m very excited that Tom has decided to join the race. He is a strong god fearing man that I think the country will really get behind.”

“Delay running for President is a real bitter pill for us.” Admits Howard Dean, Chairman of the Democratic party. “He has got dynamite name recognition and a group of hardened supporters that will back him with serious money and lots of energy. Delay is such a classic Republican he is going to be hard to beat in 2008.”

After the press conference Delay returned to Washington via hellicopter to continue raising money for his legal defense fund and his newly formed Presidential Campaign committee.