Tom Delay Resigns: To Watch World Cup Soccer Match

Washington – Tom DeLay, the controversial former majority leader of the US House of Representatives, left office Friday after 22 years as a congressman. Despite the darkening legal clouds surrounding him and his links to convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff, DeLay insists he is retiring not being forced resign. In his final speech on the House floor Thursday. DeLay stated “I’m a huge soccer fan and the World Cup comes only once every 4 years… This time I’m not missing it!”

Delay, nicknamed the Hammer, was arguably the most powerful member of Congress in the last decade, but is also a well know as a “Super Fan” of World Cup soccer. Before Delay was indicted on campaign finance charges, he personally introduced earmarks worth millions for an American Pro Soccer league.

When the Soccer league failed the Texas congressman became a lightning rod for criticism by Democrats. Many in Washington and others connected to American Soccer disliked his heavy handed tactics in pushing through his personal sports agenda. Although Delay is know as a bigot and a crook his ability to get things done off the field made him a hero to fans of the sport world wide.

In April when the World Cup schedule was published DeLay announced that he would not seek re-election and would resign from his congressional seat as well, effective Friday. According to staffers Delay’s two favorite teams are Germany and Costa Rica. “He wouldn’t miss the game for the world.”