Tom DeLay-Texas Republicans Celebrate The Victory Of An American Hero.

March 8, 2006

Texas Republican Tom DeLay, under indictment for so many different crimes that I can’t even remember them all as I write this at this early hour, easily won the Republican primary election to retain his seat as the Representative for Sugarland, Texas. Repeatedly rebuked by the House Ethics Committee over the years and charged with crimes associated with the Jack Abramoff scandal, Mr. Delay’s win solidifies and lends credence to his assertion that a) being a criminal in the Republican Party is really no big deal and may even be a requirement and b) Texas is one really weird place.

Known as The Hammer by friends and foes alike ( as in- “That boy has the morals of a…”) Mr. DeLay has spent his political career happily building up his retirement nest egg and accruing near limitless power. While some of his statements and actions have left even his supporters wondering if perhaps there should have been a few more safety controls on the use of pesticides in his business before he entered politics, Mr. DeLay has nonetheless won and solidified the love and admiration of his constituents, a love which still seems, while a bit battered, to be largely intact.

While falling a bit below his usual 80% majority in previous primary voting, Mr. DeLay still managed pull a comfortable 62% of the 22nd Congressional Districts voters. A written statement issued by Mr. DeLay said in part, “This race was about who can effectively represent the values and the priorities of the people in this district