Tom Delay's new book : No Retreat, No Surrender, Not much truth

(WASHINGTON : Ucs News) Today we welcome former Republican Tom Delay to our Washington studio for an interview regarding his new book No Retreat, No Surrender.

Ucs News: Tom, good to see you again and thanks for coming to day to talk about your book. So tell us about the title?

Tom Delay: No Retreat, No Surrender: One American’s Fight. Explains how I have fought for America and how I haven’t stopped.

Ucs News: I see but really Tom, you haven’t acutely fought for America. Our research has confirmed you got a deferment and that you avoided Vietnam Military service all together.

Tom Delay: I was fighting for MY VISION and defending America from Gays, liberals and terrorists.

Ucs News: I see, so the title is more of a metaphor ?

Tom Delay: I’m not sure what that means.

Ucs News:: Moving on Tom, Your a fighter. According to news reports your favorite weapons are golf clubs, box seats and soft money from Jack Abramoff .

Tom Delay: That question is not relevant to this interview, It’s not covered in my book.

Ucs News:: It’s not in the book? All the more reason we should cover it now Tom.
So, what were your fighting for in the rough of St. Andrews golf course?

Tom Delay: Er….ah.

Ucs News: What have you been up to since you were indicted and shamed out of Congress?

Tom Delay: That’s resigned to pursue the Republican agenda outside of government.

Ucs News: You should have that trademarked Tom,I understand lots of Republicans will be following the same career path after the 2008 election cycle.

Tom Delay: You can’t blame me for that!

Ucs News: Moving on, Tom. I understand you are a committed man of god?

Tom Delay: Ay-Man brother.

Ucs News: So you are on this earth to do gods work?

Tom Delay: Ay-Man brother.

Ucs News: Did you get the nicknames “Hot Tub Tom’ and “The Hammer” doing gods work?

Tom Delay: Er….ah.

Ucs News: Was it gods will that got you the indictment in Texas for campaign fraud and money laundering?

Tom Delay: Hey man your off base, THIS INTERVIEW IS OVER!

Ucs News: Can we visit you in Leavenworth?