EXCLUSIVE!> Unconfirmed Sources has obtained a top secret communication from Bush to Blair with scenerio to provoke war with Iran….

Washington, D.C.

21 March 2007

Hon. Tony Blair
10 Downing Street
London, England

Hello Tony:

This fax is being sent via secure scrambling. Please destroy all copies after reading.

As we recently discussd, my advisors, both military and political have informed me that to attack Iran would be dangerous and ill-received by the public, both here and in the U.K.

I have come up with another plan that should work; we must provoke an incident.

How is this scenario: Since you inspect ships in the Persian Gulf for illegal cargo, have one of your navy pontoon boats stop and board a freighter in Iranian waters, making certain beforehand, that an Iranian naval vessel is in proximity.

The crew of the pontoon boat will undoubtedly be seized, creating an international incident.

You can claim that a positioning satellite ‘proves’ that you were in Iraq waters.

The shit will hit the fan! The best outcome would be if your sailors are beheaded, but in any case, Tony, We have our excuse to hit them with everything we have. Two of our aircraft carriers are already off the coast, and their nuclear weapons have been armed and are ready to go.

Tony, it’s a sure thing; both your and our right wingers will be 100% behind this.

I know you will agree, as you have to everything I’ve advised you about in the past, old faithful friend, and think of all that cheap oil we can obtain!