Trash Talking Sarah Palin tells supporters "I would kill to win Florida!"

(CLEARWATER, Florida) Ucs News– Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin told Florida’s voters on Monday to expect more “blatant lies, drastic exaggerations and other tough talk” from her as she seeks to stop Barack Obamas rise in the polls. Palin declared “I would kill to win Florida!” a state that could make or break Sen. John McCain’s White House bid.

Strategists say the Alaska governor must rally Republican loyalists into a get-out-the-vote offensive, while at the same time assaulting the character of Barack Obama. For McCain to have any chance of winning the state in November the campaign must back off “issues” and launch a full scale attack on the personal of Obama.

Florida is a critical must win for McCain. George W. Bush won the state in 2000 and 2004 but now Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama has taken the lead. “There is a feeling now that we are beginning to see among Republicans that McCain can’t win,” said David Johnson, a Republican strategist and pollster who worked on Bob Dole’s failed 1988 presidential campaign.

Winning Florida’s 27 electoral votes is vital to McCain’s chances of capturing the 270 needed to win the November 4 presidential election.

With the pressure on, Sarah Palin has been rehashing attacks first launched by Hillary Clinton during the heated Democratic primary. The attacks are targeting Obama’s judgment and character. Palins speeches include the unsubstantiated charge that the Illinois senator has close ties to Bill Ayers, a former member of the 1960s-era militant Weather Underground and that Barack Obama is a black moslem ready to hand over the United States to Osama Bin Laden if elected.