Troublesome SPORE DRM Cracked by German Teen

(Reichtenburg, Germany : UCS News) German high school student has once again achieved the impossible. 18 years old Hans Nuttzipper has cracked the EA encryption of the new video game SPORE. According to tech watchers Nuttzipper has “Once again scaled the mount Olympus of DRM cracking” CNet declared the SPORE/DRM hack “A stunning achievement that will inspire millions.”

Nuttzipper announced the SPORE/DRM hack on his blog and provided the 5 step instructions and required code. The young German took on the challenge after a classmate complained that his legally downloaded copy of SPORE failure to authenticate.

Will Wright stated in a press release “Nuttzipper is a giant among his peers, this single feat will nearly guarantee Spore will sell another few million copies next year.”