True Identity of Ramsey Murder Suspect Karr Questioned

Los Angeles, CA (APE) – Growing skepticism continues to mount over John Mark Karr the confessed murderer of six-year-old beauty queen JonBenet Ramsey. In the latest incident in the evolving story, an anonymous flight attendant has stepped forward and produced a reputed ID card that she claims belonged to a Karr and was apparently lost during his recent first-class flight from Thailand.

Karr has become swept up in a passionately distracting media frenzy since his confession and extradition from Thailand last week.

The anonymous flight attendant stated that she found Karr’s behavior aboard the plane as well as his interactions with the supervising law enforcement personnel “a little strange.”

“There was lots of champagne,” she stated. “There was a lot of whispering, and winks and nods. You could tell something just wasn’t quite kosher.”

The laminated ID badge produced by the flight attendant had a photograph of Karr, and identified him as a CIA special agent in the highly secretive Psy-Ops division.

“It had this thing on the back that says, ‘if found please drop in mail’ , but I felt like it was important to let somebody else know about it,” the anonymous attendant stated.

The CIA was contacted, and an anonymous spokesperson dismissed the story entirely. They claimed that the ID badge was a very cheap imitation, which was easily accomplished by anyone with some computer graphics skills. They offered no speculations as to what would motivate Karr, or anyone else, to attempt the deception.

An FBI spokesperson stated that an immediate investigation of the flight attendant had been launched with consideration of possible charges of theft of government property.

The media frenzy over Karr continued in the mainstream media, as well as throughout the Internet. The Internet was abuzz yesterday over the uncanny resemblance of Karr to Lee Harvey Oswald, the man who assassinated President Kennedy and coincidently had rumored CIA connections.

In an unrelated story, the president appeared to receive a minor bounce in his ratings over the handling of the war on terror in a recent USA Today poll.