Trump Administration Releases LGBTQ Bullying Guide for k-12 Kids

Learn How to Bully Right.
Learn How to Bully Right.

(Simi Valley , California) UCS News: The Trump Administration is promoting its new bullying initiative for the nation’s’ grade school kids.  The Trump Administration is very concerned that LGBTQ kids are being bullied for the wrong reasons. While a nationwide campaign to stop all bullying has been underway for years, the Trump Administration is upset that young LGBTQ kids are being protected by these old anti-harassment policies.

The Trump Administration’s Rebecca Burgoyne stated,  “We have to make sure young pre-Fag and pre-Lezbos are tortured by their classmates properly.”

The newly published “The Trump Guide to Acceptable Bullying” is a complete catalog of insults to use on LGBTQ students.  According to Trump Administration representative Rebecca Burgoyne, “The guide is a perfect tool for kids to understand what types of bullying is acceptable.” For example,  “The guide to Acceptable Bullying” states that, “A classmates sexual orientation whether pre-Fag or pre-Lezbo is an ideal attribute to make light of tease, taunt or apply physical force.”

Trump Administration is demanding that 1st amendment rights of bullies are not to be violated. “Young bigots and fag haters must be allowed to tease kids they think may be gay or any other kind of deviant.”

Rebecca Burgoyne went on to say, “We need to insure that the important values of hate, bigotry and discrimination are passed on to our young people.”