Trump Calls in New Plumber to Fix White House Leaks!

White House Calls in the Plumbers to Fix Leaks.
White House Calls in the Plumbers to Fix Leaks.

(Washington D.C.) UCS News  Unconfirmed Sources are reporting that Mr.Trump has called in a new plumbing contractor to fix White House leaks.  Mr. Trump has had it the outdated plumbing system of the Presidential Residence.  Mr Trump says, “The building is plagued with illegal leaks!”

The Administration is investigating the vast numbers of leaks throughout the structure.  Junior  White House spokesman Ben Lyon spoke with Plumbers Weekly magazine about the issue.

“We have leaks everywhere.  There are leaks in the Oval Office, leaks in the National Security Council, and leaks in staff offices in all levels of the building.” confirmed Lyon.  “We expect to be keeping the plumbers busy for days if not weeks.”

Plumbers Fix Leaks Across City

“I can’t explain it.” Says Buddy Wrenchler, a Washington plumbing contractor.  “We are being run off our feet.  This whole dang town is leaking like crazy.”

Wrenchler went on to describe the flood of calls he and other plumbers are fielding across the D.C. area.  “The Capitol building, the EPA building, the FBI building, leaks are popping up everywhere.  The White House is the worst.  We are the third the crew called in this week.”

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