Trump Co-Conspirators Quiz

Trump Quiz
Trump Quiz

1. This congressmen knowingly leaked misleading information from the White House to impede the Mueller investigation.


2. “This real-estate heiress has been investigated by prosecutors in the Manhattan District Attorneys office for misleading prospective buyers of units in the Trump SoHo, and other real-estate projects.”


3. This Russian mobster bought 6 Trump condos that were later seized as a part of a money laundering operation. This is one of over 1000 suspicious Russian related transactions.


4. Russian pop star whoorganized June 2016 Trump Tower meeting with Trump aides and family members. HemetDonald Trump during Trumps 2013 Miss Universe pageant in Moscow. Trumpappearedin his music video.


5. Russian Billionaire who provided financial support to indicted spy Maria Butina.


6. “Was briefly a Trump foreign policy advisor, a federal judge concluded there was probable cause to believe that he was a foreign agent knowingly engaging in clandestine intelligence for Russia.”


7. “Indicted former Trump lawyer and Deal Maker, plead guilty to lying to the FBI and various financial crimes.”


8. “This person has been accused of lying , tax evasion, campaign finance violations and colluding with Russian to influence the 2016 Election.”


9. Russian oligarch loaned Manafort $10 Million dollars. Manafort offered to brief him briefings to ‘resolve’ his debt to him.


10. Was the short lived Director of Communications at the White House and had a unit of time named after him.


11. Is a former Trump campaign aide and Manafort’s longtime junior business partner, he plead guilty to lying to the FBI and conspiracy.


12. Russian Oligarch who financed the Russian troll farm, the Internet Research Agency, to influence 2016 American Election.


13. This former Secretary of the Interior had over 10 separate investigations into his actions at one time.


14. Former Russian Ambassador to the US. Known as a Russian spy master he had meetings with many Trump campaign officials.


15. Is a former Russian intelligence officer and was a business partner of Paul Manafort.


16. Business associate of Aras Agalarov whoattendedJune 2016 Trump Tower meeting. Identified in 2000 as key figure in an alleged Russian money laundering scheme.


17. London-based academic with Kremlin ties. He is named in FBI affidavit as ‘Foreign Contact 1’ with George Papadopoulos who ‘had access to thousands of emails relating to Clinton.’


18. “Is a Russian lawyer with close ties to Vladimir Putin, who attended Trump Tower meeting.”


19. Deputy governor of Russian central bank whotriedto arrange a meeting between Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump through a Christian group. His role in the campaign isreportedlyunder FBI investigation.


20. “A Russian deputy attorney general who directed Natalia Veselnitskaya, died in a mysterious helicopter crash.”


21. He pled guilty to providing false ID to Russian agents as they prepared to influence American elections.


22. “Former RNC financial chair, admitted to paying off playboy bunny. Is under federal investigation for influence peddling involving middle eastern countries. “


23. Former Ukrainian president and client of Paul Manafort whose alleged payments for work in Ukraine are now central to the Republican operatives indictment.


24. “Is a Lebanese-American businessman, lobbyist, and convicted sex offender. Accused of funneling Emirati money to a top Trump fundraiser to influence the White House.”


25. “He admitted to contacting Russian Hackers to get stolen Clinton Emails, committed suicide. “


26. Considered the dumb younger brother.


27. “Kremlin-connected oligarch, Donald Trumppartnerfor 2013 Miss Universe pageant in Moscow and father of pop star whoarranged2016 Trump Tower meeting with campaign staffers.”


28. Shortest serving National Security advisor, former General, pled guilty to lying to the FBI.


29. Had secret meeting in Seychelles with Kirill Dmitriev, who is the chief executive of the state-run Russian Direct Investment Fund.


30. Executive at Alfa Group, a Moscow-based financial institution reportedly investigated by FBI for electronic communications between a server and the Trump Organization.


31. Pleaded guilty to funneling a Ukrainian oligarch’s money to Donald Trump’s Presidential Inaugural Committee


32. Has a tattoo of Richard Nixon is a long time political trickster. Accused of being involved with Russia hacker Guccifer.


33. Dutch attorney plead guilty to lying to the FBI in connection with Russian Election interference.


34. Indicted Trump campaign Director. Found guilty to financial crimes and lying to the FBI.


35. HUD secretary under investigation for official speeding and other ethical issues surrounding this adult children.


36. “Former EPA Director, resigned to avoid multiple investigations of improper conduct.”


37. He and Roger Stone met with a Russian national who claimed to have damaging information about Hillary Clinton. He also worked as a political consultant for Russian President Boris Yeltsin.


38. “A lawyer who diedwhile trying toexpose a $230 million fraud scheme in Russia, has a Russian Sanctions law named after him.”


39. This real-estate scion tried to create a communications backchannel with Russia and met secretly with the head of the Russian development bank.


40. Convicted Russian mobster ran an illegall betting and money laundering operation out his apartment in Trump tower.


41. Had been locked in the Ecuadorian Embassy for several years and received stolen emails from Russian Hackers.


42. “Originated the Swift Boat and Birther conspiracies, accused of being go link between Julian Assange and Roger Stone.”


43. “Former Roger Stone aide, wasorderedin August 2018 to testify in response to a Mueller grand jury subpoena. He filed alegal challengein June 2018 to quash the subpoena but lost in U.S. District Court.”


44. “Former Health and Human Services secretary, resigned amid sharp criticism of his extensive use of taxpayer-funded charter flights.”


45. This real-estate scion has bee accused of lying to Congress and once said  “We see a lot of money pouring in from Russia.”


46. Greek political climber plead guilty and served jail time for lying to the FBI.


47. “Indicted Russian spy, accused of infiltrating the NRA and other conservative groups. President once called on her at a news conference. “


48. Is a Russian Intelligence operative and lobbyist who attended Trump Tower meeting.


49. “Partnered with Trump to Build Trump Soho, indicted on stock fraud charges, has links to Russian Mafia and American intelligence agencies.”



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