Trump DOJ Struggles to Concoct FAKE EVIDENCE to Bolster Obama Wire Tapping Charges

White House Creative Writing Staff Suffers from Writer's Block.
White House Creative Writing Staff Suffers from Writer's Block.

(Washington D.C.) Unconfirmed sources are reporting that the Trump Department Of Justice Creative Writing Bureau is failing to concoct evidence against President Obama.  The Bureau, well know for its prodigious output seems to be struggling.

The Creative Writing Bureau, launched during the Trump campaign, is top notch group of creative storytellers.  Well-honed by the constant demands of Mr. Trumps speaking style, the group is usually able to whip up any kind of highly fictionalized facts at a moment’s notice.  No more. The writing staff as apparently hit the wall.

“It’s not surprising,” says television comedy writer Gail Norsmen, a former writer for Info Wars.  “Making up sorta kinda believable stuff can be a real challenge at such a high volume.  I know these guys and they are very talented, but the transition to fictional governing from fictionally campaigning is a hard one.”

During the campaign, the bureau was able to focus on several core fictional themes working them over and over carefully crafting them over time.  Now that the group is in the White House they must react to the ever changing governing environment.

“It’s hard to go from lying about the Russians to lying about healthcare, to lying about wiretapping, all in one day.” continues Norsemen.  “I think they are going to need to staff up to meet the demand Mr. Trump is placing on them.  Either that or Mr. Trump is going to have to stop lying so much.  I recommend the job site or maybe Craigslist.  I bet they could find more writers there.

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