Trump Heads for the Lifeboat. Trump Care is Sinking and it’s Paul Ryan’s Fault.

Trump Care Sinking, It's Ryan's Fault.
Trump Care Sinking, It's Ryan's Fault.

(Chesapeake Bay)  Unconfirmed sources report that the USS Trump Care is sinking fast, and Mr. Trump is heading for the lifeboat.  The CBO’s explosive report, squeamish GOP crew members, and a suspicious public have delt a crippling blow to The USS Trump Care.  Mr. Trump has seen enough and has left Ryan to go down with the ship.

The USS Trump Care was launched early last week and immediately got into difficulty.  Quick to launch and proudly captained by Paul Ryan the vessel struck Heller’s rock and was badly damaged.  The crew of 538 initially showed great spirit defending the USS Trump Care, until the CBO’s charges exploded in the bowels of the vessel.

The damage is too great.  The crew is abandoning ship. Mr. Trump is heading for the lifeboat and blaming Ryan for the disaster.  The USS Trump Care is going down and Paul Ryan is going down with it.

The real story.

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