Holy Crap ! Trump is Massing Troops On The Mexican Border!

Border Standoff Continues

US Troops on Mexican Border
US Troops on Mexican Border

(Del Rio, Texas) Unconfirmed Sources are reporting that US troops have begun massing on the southern border. The troops began to arrive overnight and have set up a base of operations near the Del Rio airport in south central Texas.

Reporters are being kept at a distance, but can clearly see hundreds of US troops, tanks, armoured personnel carriers, and dozens and dozens of supply trucks. There is also an increase in air traffic as helicopters and transport planes flow into and out of the small regional airport.

Residents of Del Rio and the cross border town of Ciudad Acuña, Coahuila, Mexico are uneasy with the increased military presence.

“WTF man…what the hell is going on here?” asks long time border resident Luther King. Mr. King is looking toward the airport from his truck parked in his driveway. “This looks like an invasion force or something. I mean they got tanks over there. Tanks!”

On the other side of the border locals are also stunned by the military activity.

“We are out’a here.” says Mariana González of Ciudad Acuña. “This is crazy! I don’t understand what is going on here your President is a crazy man.” Ms.González along with hundreds of others are fleeing the area fearful of what is coming.

Things are tense here on the border nobody knows what will happen next as this sleepy border area becomes the center of worsening United States Mexican relations.