Trump Shows Angela Merkel His New Tattoo. Pay Up Sucker!

Trump shows Merkel his "Pay Up Sucker Tattoo!"
Trump shows Merkel his "Pay Up Sucker Tattoo!"

(Berlin, Germany)  Unconfirmed Sources report that during their meeting last week White House inhabitant Mr. Trump showed German Chancellor Angela Merkel his new tattoo.  The Tattoo on his right-hand  says “Pay Up Sucker!”

Trump's New tat!
Trump’s New tat!

Images from their meeting show the bright red outline of a brand new tattoo. This helps to explain the very awkward moment when the two leaders didn’t shake hands in the Oval office.

“It all makes sense now,” Says reporter Glenn Thrush.  “That moment looked so awkward, Trump just looked like he didn’t want to shake hands.  And no wonder, that tat must have been hurting like crazy.”

The explanation of that weird diplomatic moment is certain to calm nerves in Germany.  Mr. Trump’s seemingly erratic behavior has been cause for much concern.

Mystery Solved!

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