Trump Starts Building Border Wall Himself

Trump Starts Border Wall Himself!
Trump Starts Border Wall Himself!

(Arizona Desert) Unconfirmed Sources report that Mr. Trump has started to build his border wall.  Mr. Tump took a surprise trip to the border Sunday, to visit a  section of wall.  Known as a hands-on manager of construction projects large and small Mr. Trump decided the only way to get this job done right was to do it himself.

Mr. Trump left Washington early Sunday and arrived at the border just before noon.  After surveying the site Mr. Trump approached brick layer Tim Hardeson and asked him how things were going.  Hardeson told Mr. Trump he could use some help as there are few laborers willing to work in such harsh conditions.

“Well, Tim.” Said Mr. Trump  “I brought my favorite trowel.  Let’s get to work on this YUGE beautiful wall!”

Mr. Trump took off his jacket and tie and got work right then and there.  Hardeson and Mr. Trump worked together for several minutes.  Mr. Trump then took a quick break to sign bricks for his fellow wall builders and throw rocks at curious Mexican children who had come by to watch the spectacle.

Mr. Trump them toured a border command post and helped escort a group of undocumented immigrants from Guatemala back over the border into Mexico.

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