Twitter Crashes. People Forced To Actually Talk To Each Other!

(London-England) It happened this week, the unthinkable. Twitter, the popular micro-blogging site where users can post matters of interest in 140 characters or less, was shut down due to a denial of service plot hatched by a hacker against a Twitter user, Cyxymu, a pro-Georgian blogger. The attack was to mark the one-year anniversary of the Russia-Georgia conflict. However, its impact reached much farther when humans actually had to talk to each other.

A Twitter user who only wished to be known as @DeepThroat described the events of Thursday morning to CNN. “I got up around 11:45AM, walked over to my lap top. My wife was already up in the kitchen with her iPhone. I noticed we were low on Kleenex. So I wanted to tweet that to her. I log in, and nothing. I have to say I was at a loss. No Kleenex, and how do I tell my wife?”

When asked why he simply couldn’t go to the kitchen and tell his wife, @DeepThroat replied, ” I suppose you can Monday morning quarterback now, but you have to understand Twitter was down. I don’t mean just not working in Internet Explorer 6. I mean down.”

Noted Swedish psychologist Pleene Elders (Twitter User Name @IKEAddict) said this phenomenon of confusion is not uncommon. “As we become more dependent on technology, our ability to interact and not interface is streamlined at the expense of actual human contact. While this… .” Unfortunately, Dr. Elders was being interviewed on Twitter and he went over his 140-character limit. (While we normally would have been able to continue this interview on Dr. Elder’s blog, Twitter was not allowing third party applications.-CNN Editor’s note)

Perhaps the effect of the outage was most jarring for tweens. Janis Ackers, a mother from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania of a twelve-year old, describes her daughter’s reaction. “My daughter was tweeting me on my phone from her room. She sent me a link of the 40 Funniest .gifs. I love the one that has the Star Wars light saber fight. You know where they chop a toddler down? Anyway, I was in the living room, and I wanted to tweet her back. Then Twitter went down. So I walked in her bedroom, and my daughter let out this scream, grabbing her IKEA chair and trying to fend me off with it. Apparently, we’d been communicating by tweeting so much she’d forgotten what I look like.”

Biz Stone, the founder of Twitter, was asked why the notification to users took so long. “We made every endeavor to communicate to our community the situation, said Stone. “But with Twitter down, we really didn’t know how to do that.”

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