U.S. Government Employees Selling Classified Information for Cash

In a secret undercover study, Unconfirmed Sources have discovered that over 97% of US Government employees are willing to reveal classified, secret and even top secret information if the price is right.

“I don’t make much in my job as a nuclear scientist”, said a nuclear scientist whom we shall refer to as “Bob”. “The Iraqis are offering me a million buck in secret off shore accounts to share information about our nuclear stockpiles. Who could turn down an offer like that?”

Bob stated that he now has a ‘cushion’ for his retirement years as he does not expect to make much, if anything, from Social Security and his current salary does not allow him to save much. He also revealed that scientists are seldom if ever reprimanded for revealing secrets.

A Homeland Security guard told Unconfirmed Sources that he is being paid to allow illegal Mexicans to travel freely across the border. “I get $1,000 for each guy I turn a blind eye to. That can add up to a few grand a day!”

“Mandy”, a secretary at Los Alamos labs, admits she has sneaked some top secret documents from the lab in her panties and sold them to Russian agents. “They are going to find this stuff out sooner or later anyway!” she reasoned.

Tens of thousands of scientists, military personnel, soldiers, aircraft manufacturing employees and other government contract workers have admitted, secretly of course, to selling out the country in the name of money.

Some people with security clearance are actually competing with each other to see who can leak the most information the fastest without getting caught.

“The country that pays the most wins!” said a military general whom we shall refer to as General Berford.