U.S. Government to Publish All Top Secret Files

In a spirit of openness with the American people, President elect Barack Obama has declared that there will be no more secrets and all top secret files dealing with everything from military intelligence to UFO intelligence will be revealed.

“It’s time for the American people to know where their tax dollars are going and what goes on in the upper reaches of government”, Obama stated during an impassioned interview.

Obama told Unconfirmed Sources that he plans on revealing all data on mobile radar installations, the locations of secret prisons, space based weapon systems, biological weapons, wepons of mass destruction, nuclear capabilities and other formerly top secret information.

“For example”, Obama continued, “I’ll bet you didn’t know the banking crisis was orchestrated by the government to control the money supply! And I’d wager you had no idea about mobile radar installations in Germany!”

Obama also revealed that the United Sates Government has crucial knowledge of UFOs and is keeping the information secret to prevent the technology from passing onto China, Cuba and other foreign powers. In particular he wants to hide the invisibility device stolen from UFOs made from metamaterials.

“I will be supplying the media with all information in regards to everything”, Obama stated.

Not all members of Congress expressed enthusiasm with Obama’s plan. “Over his dead body!” said Arizona senator John McCain.