U.S. Mint Apologizes for "Godless Dollar" Coin Release

Philadelphia, PA (Rotters) – US mint spokesperson Becky Bailey today confirmed that well over 50,000 of the new United States dollar coins had been struck in error with the face of founding father George Washington replaced by that of right wing pundit Ann Coulter. In addition, the coins were struck with the traditional edge inscription “In God We Trust” replaced with “In Ann We Trust”.

Bailey insisted that the mistake was a result of some obvious mischievous behavior upon the part of mint employees, and not a deliberate campaign upon the part of the treasury to promote acceptance of the newly reissued coin. She stressed that a full investigation was under way and responsible employees would be dealt with severely.

“We take this matter seriously,” stated Bailey. “We are reviewing our quality control process to see exactly how this could have gotten past our inspectors. Perhaps the similarities in jawline and adam’s apple are to blame, but we just don’t know at this time.”

The coins have already begun cropping up on eBay, with one of the first reportedly being sold for $600.

A spokesperson for the John Edwards presidential campaign admitted that they had received well over 100 coins as donations via FedEx in response to their recent “Coulter Cash” fund-raising plan, which was initiated in response to Coulter’s recent smearing of Edwards with the word “faggot”.

Numerous e-mail conspiracy theories have arisen in regards to explanations for release of the defective coin. The most popular one states that the “godless dollar” was released en masse as a result of a secret deal between the Treasury Department and Random House publishers in order to promote flagging sales of Coulter’s latest book “Godless: The Church of Liberalism” as well as garner acceptance for the historically unpopular coin. Random House refused to comment on the rumors, and Coulter’s official website remained inaccessible yesterday, due to what Coulter herself described as a coordinated denial of service attack from “left-wing liberal blogging fags”. Coulter further insisted that her description of left-wing liberals as fags was merely a reference to their proclivity for tobacco use and in no way an accusation in regards to their sexual preferences.