U.S. senatorial candidate Sharron Angle to debate herself

LAS VEGAS – In a surprising twist to this year’s senatorial race in Nevada, Sharron Angle has reached an agreement to appear in a series of candidate forums and debates, conducted pursuant to specific guidelines that will be acceptable to both Angle’s campaign consultants and the NRSC.

The candidate forums and debates will only include Sharron Angle. Angle will stand behind one podium with a liberal leaning consultant and be asked a multiple choice question that requires the defense of the liberal position, which her consultant will help her answer. Angle will then switch over to the other podium and be asked to provide the conservative explanation with the assistance of the conservative consultant.

“If Angle only has to debate herself, these are terms that the campaign sees as acceptable,” said Stacy, Angle’s campaign manager. “This will serve Nevadans well by allowing them to see where Angle stands on both sides of each issue. There is no need for Senator Harry Reid to participate in any of these stage-managed events.”

The questions have already been created and the campaign is busy working on the responses. For example, Angle will be asked to explain how the BP “slush fund” is bad. She will then switch roles and explain why Senator Harry Reid and President Obama are both right.

Angle will be asked to give the pro-life-with-no-exceptions argument, which was her earlier position, and then be asked to give the pro-life-with-exceptions argument. Angle will explain why she wants to abolish the entire federal government and then explain why she doesn’t want to abolish the entire government. She will be asked to give the pros and cons of every issue that she has flip-flopped on which is virtually every issue.