U2 Will Play Free Concert in Crawford Texas to Honor Cindy Sheehan

Will this be the next Woodstock?

Unconfirmed sources report that super group U2 has agreed to play a free concert at Camp Casey to highlight Cindy Sheehan’s fight against the war in Iraq. Thousands of people are streaming into Crawford Texas to support Sheehan and see Bono and U2 perform. Texas authorities are bracing for what is expected to be the largest anti-war event since Vietnam.

U2 has apparently decided to reschedule several upcoming shows to come to Crawford and play the free concert. There are further rumors that Brittany Spears, Toby Keith and others will also be playing.

“This is going to be amazing.” Says Ken Richards, rock critic for the Crawford Times newspaper. “Our generation had Woodstock and this generation is going to have Camp Casey. I wouldn’t miss this concert for the world. People are coming form across the nation to protest the war and hear great music. This gathering could mark the end of the Bush administrations denial of the public’s feelings about the war. Or it could be another Kent State, who knows.”

Local authorities are taking no chances and have called in members of the Ohio National Guard to provide site security for the impromptu event. An armored division from nearby Camp Campbell has also been put on alert in case there is trouble.

“We reckon we are gonna’ keep a tight lid on this one.” says local sheriff Ben Huckabee. “We’ve been keeping the President safe here in Crawford and I don’t intent to let a bunch of long haired, peacenik, dope smoking, Catholic Sunday school teaching lefty’s wreck our beautiful town. We got the fire power to keep the place quiet