UCS Trend Report #473: Giuliani Gambles : Huckabee Stumbles : Stimulating Debate : GOP TAX CUTS…

Bill Clinton : Trending Down
Ex-Presidential attack dog?
Who can pull Bills chain? Jimmy Carter?

Republicans : Tending Down
Same solution to every problem – Tax cuts
This is officially a broken record
Hey! Will Tax cuts get us out of Iraq?

Stimulus Package : Tending Down
at-least The debate is stimulating….
Not sure the economy will improve any time soon

Iraq War : Tending Even
Election “battles” getting better coverage
How many people died in the Florida primary today?

Rudy Giuliani : Trending Down
Legalized gambling in Florida?
Betting all on another terror attack?

Mike Huckabee : Tending Down
Sweet! Has-been celebrity endorsements for a has-been candidate.
Chuck Norris and Ric Flair kick ass but…..
Do wrestling fan really vote?

Barack Obama : Tending Even
Mr. Clean forced to play dirty
Tip to Obama- rise above it
That would be news worthy