UCS Trend Report #645

Pope on a Rope : Rush Limbaugh Lies to Listeners : “Sarah Palin’s” Alaska : Steve Jobs iPad invasion : Michael Steele’s Republican Lesbian Strippers : The Jessie James We Love : Obama “Drill Baby Drill”

The Pope : Trending Down
I’m sure God is telling you to watch out for the kids.
Are your Listening!?

Rush Limbaugh : Trending Down
Lies on top of lies, he just can’t stop telling whoppers.
Please move to Costa Rica Rush, please tell the truth just once.
Oh well, lying to idiots is a winning formula…..keep it up.

Sarah Palin : Trending Even
What exactly is “Sarah Palin’s” Alaska?
Drilling for oil, building pipelines and shooting animals…
Discovery leads the way “innovative” environmental programing.
Maybe we can add clear cut logging and mountain top removal next season.

Republicans : Tending Down

God’s party doing the peoples work at a Lesbian Strip Bondage Strip Club.
David Letterman said it best.
“If the Republicans can’t spend donor money at a sex club, the terrorists win.”

Jessie James : Trending Up Hell yes! 

Break up your Hollywood marriage-Check
Slash car tires- Check
Mess up annoying reporters- Check
The rebel, outlaw biker we love is back! Ride Jessie Ride!

Barack Obama : Trending Up
President has some guts- throws off shore drilling back at Republicans…
Now they don’t like it!
Making John Boehner look like a fool -Easy.

Blowing up Sarah Palin’s signature Campaign slogan -Just plain fun.

Steve Jobs : Trending Up
Looks like Apple still has the magic touch
Dam. Another product of desire!