UFO Disguised as C-130 Transport Plane Attempts Two Landing at North Carolina Airport

Dare County airport officials were stymied when a UFO resembling a C-130 cargo plane attempted to land at two different Dare County airports on Friday and Sunday afternoons.

“We saw humanoid figures in the plane with the back gate open”, said Wright Brothers National Memorial airport official James McBrick. “Some of them looked so human you almost couldn’t tell the difference!”

McBrick described some of the aliens as having slick-back hair, sunglasses, stylin transport clothes and “big bright smiles”.

Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force officials denied they had any C-130 planes in the area at the time of the near touch-and-go landings. “It’s probably some of them big eyes gray aliens”, said Air Force Commander Joel Forthright. “We get ’em here all the time. Pain in the ass is what they are!”

The UFO dumped some sort of fluid or strange fuel on the runway as it made its approach costing the airport hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars to clean.

“If you’re gonna be an alien then be an alien”, Forthright stated. “Stop messing around and pretending you’re military. You’re not fooling anybody!”

Wright Brothers Memorial spokespeople said that military aircraft are not allowed on the airport runways but they have not yet established a policy for alien visitors.

Dare County Airport officials say even aliens from distant planets must have proper passports and ground clearance to land at the runway.