UFO Lands in New York City; Shops

This UFO heads back to its home planet after some shopping and sightseeing.
Thousands of New York City gawkers managed to catch a glimpse of a massive UFO over the skies of the city as alien beings landed to do some sightseeing and shopping.

“It was huge and glowing!” said hairstylist Sylvia Platt. “Then these aliens emerged from the UFO and walked over to OMG!” OMG, she clarified, is a large NYC outlet for Levi’s jeans,

A reporter caught up with one of the large eyed, gray skinned aliens as he was headed back to its craft. “You just can’t buy jeans like these on our planet”, the alien stated without giving its name. “We don’t have these kinds of rich fabrics and awesome colors”.

Sources revealed that aliens simply want to shop here and have no intention of invading Earth. Other aliens were spotted purchasing handbags from the Gucci Store at Trump Tower. Secret service officials are trying to determine where the aliens got their cash to make the purchases.

Military personnel arrived as the UFO was making its ascent back to its home planet, wherever that may be.

“We can’t stop them from shopping!” said Brigadier General Robert Nolan. “But we CAN get them for not paying their parking fees!”
The alien craft landed at a central parking garage in lower Manhattan.